Comparing Mistakes In The Stranger And The Invisible Man

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When it comes to discovering a purpose in life, humans are able to do so by making and occasionally learning from their mistakes. In both The Invisible Man and The Stranger, both of the protagonists find the meaning of their own lives through a series of mistakes that lead them to a view changing epiphany
There is a very popular saying in American culture that tells people to “learn from their mistakes”. In the case of humans finding their identities and realizing what their purpose is, mistakes are a good place to start looking. Evidence of this lies in The Stranger, where Meursault differed from everyone around him by taking of interest in all in bettering his life. Throughout the entirety of The Stranger, Meursault was given several opportunities to make a better life for himself, and rejected all of them, and though he did not see said rejected as a mistake, it most assuredly was. When his boss mentioned he was opening a business office in Paris and offered Meursault a job there, Meursault denied the offer, stating that “people never change their lives, that in any case one life was as good
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Both Meursault from The Stranger and The Narrator from The Invisible Man made mistakes that led them to to finding their life purposes, and people in real life often times find their purpose through mistakes, as well. While their life purposes contradict each others rather strongly -Meursault feels that life has no purpose and doesn’t do much for anyone but himself, while The Narrator of The Invisible Man feels he has to do everything for everyone higher up than he- both get to these conclusions by committing some type of blunder. Humans cannot learn what to do if they don’t learn what not to do first, and they cannot truly appreciate success without experiencing failure first. This is why human purpose can be found in the mistakes humans make on an almost daily
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