Comparing Modern And Traditional Poems

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Comparison of Modern and Traditional Poems Literature always reflects the reality in the contemporary world. There have been a number of poetic creations from remarkable writers who could skillfully fabricate works which echo the multidimensional aspects of the existing world. However, apart from considering a poem’s worth by linking to its social and cultural contexts, an independent analysis is quite possible. It is in this context that a deep textual analysis of the formal features of the poems becomes significant. A formal analysis can be done for any poem of any style, modern or traditional. The modern poems such as "Theme for English B" by Langston Hughes and “The Fish” by Elizabeth Bishop can be compared with traditional poems such as Shakespeare’s “My mistress ' eyes are nothing like the sun” and “Ode on Melancholy” by John Keats. Langston Hughes’ "Theme for English B" has been written in free verse having no form or meter. The poem is relevant in any study of historical criticisms on poetry for its in-depth analysis on the oppressive social condition. Being a member of the African American community, the poet has always been facing discrimination from all corners. To top it all, he has been struggle with searching for his own individual identity. Being in the midst of the white world, he finds it difficult to assert his individual values and principles. This hard situation is well depicted in the poem with adequate poetic devices. One of the major aspects of the

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