Comparing Monsanto And Dupont

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Genetically engineered crops in the United States cover almost one quarter of all the cropland. Soybeans, cotton, and corn are the products that tend to be the most modified. GMOs do not only have the purpose of solving world hunger, but also to cure diseases and create vaccines. John and Cheryl talk about Monsanto and DuPont, another big company involved in the production of GMOs. These two companies claim that their products have the purpose of feed the world and at the same time reduce the use of pesticides and stop the production of erosion. Nonetheless, researches have shown that the claims of these companies have no support, since biotechnology has been improving quickly and the current study to prevent bigger mistakes in the future is…show more content…
Some scientists use antibiotic marker genes, but the problem with using these genes is that people can get resistance to antibiotics and it can be dangerous for people who need medical treatments to cure diseases such as meningitis and gonorrhea. As it is well known, companies that provide GMOs are companies for-profit, which means that their objective is to sell and receive an income, their purpose is not to take care of their clients or consumers (131 -…show more content…
The L-tryptophan, is a component that was used in the production of GMOs, this component was contaminated and produced a new disease, approximately 100 North Americans died. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, food has doubled the amount of illnesses, and since GMO products have been available on the market 5.000 deaths, 325.000 hospitalizations, and 76 million diseases related to food are registered every year in America. Also, since one of the most famous products of Monsanto was introduce in the UK, Roundup Ready, the percentage of allergies registered increased 50% (Jeffrey Smith 103 –
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