Comparing Moses, Aaron, And Miriam

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The bible mentions many people that God uses in order to do his work on earth, many of which were on earth even before Jesus was even born. Early on in the Old Testament there are multiple people that are considered very important to God and his work on earth. The people that God used did not have to have a special skill or be someone well-known because God does not care about the earthly things we have, so most of the people he used in the Old Testament were just regular people. Some of these people include Moses, Aaron, and Miriam. Because of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam’s importance in the Old Testament we will discuss, each of them individually, which one God favors over the others, and why God favors that one person over the other two. Let’s begin by discussing each of them as individuals. Moses was first called on by God when God came to him with the burning bush. Even though Moses tried to get out of doing what God was calling him, he ended up leading the Israelites out of Egypt. In Exodus 13:3 it sys, “Then Moses said to the people, ‘Remember this day in which you came out of Egypt.’” This quote shows the power that God gave Moses. Moses had a brother and a sister. His brother’s name was…show more content…
There can be multiple reasons why God favored Moses. One can be that because Moses was born Israelite but grew up Egyptian, he had the connections to talk to the king that Aaron and Miriam might not have had. Another reason I think that God favored Moses was because he was an unlikely candidate to be a leader, this meant that he had to trust in God more. This trust in God gave him a better relationship with God than Aaron and Miriam had. Miriam and Aaron both grew up Israelite so they did not have the connections that Moses had. I also believe that God favored Aaron and Moses over Miriam because she was a women and thought of as lower than a man. This is why Moses was favored most by
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