Comparing Mother Teresa and Siddharta Guartma Essay

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Comparing Mother Teresa and Siddharta Guartma

Mother Teresa and Siddharta Guartma are centuries apart in time and leagues apart in religious declination. Despite this religious and time divide, the life of Mother Teresa, its positive and negative events, can be critiqued through and attributed to the principals and tenets of, Siddharta Guartma, the Buddha. Mother Teresa was chosen to be the personality figure in this paper because as a person she may be defined on many levels through human suffering. As suffering served as the Buddha's main motivation I found their relation to be direct; both gave great consideration to the essence of suffering and worked towards it alleviation. Furthermore, she exemplified many of Buddha's
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Teresa was born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, on August 26, 1910. Her family was Catholic, though the majority of Albanians in Macedonia were Muslim. She was raised in a middle-class working family. Her mother and father, Drana and Kolë, provided very well for their three children. It was said that she "never lacked for nothing." Her father was a contractor with a successful business and a politically active member of society. He, unfortunately died when she was twelve and the direction of her life changed significantly. In Buddhism, his death is an example of Anicca- one of the three characteristics of existence, which means that all existence is impermanent and everything is subject to continuous change. While her father had been alive, Teresa's household was primarily political in atmosphere. Described by many as a patriot, Kolë was intensely involved in politics and held a seat on the County Council. After his death the atmosphere of the house changed and with it followed the direction of Teresa's development. Drana, her mother, had become Teresa's primary role model and laid the roots of religious devotion that defined Teresa's later life. Drana was an intensely religious woman, who used the church to instill the virtues of charity to her young daughter. Her brother explains "Where our house had been a hotbed of political discussions while my father lived, after his

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