Comparing Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters And The Rough Face Girl

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Have you ever heard of other Cinderella stories aside from the traditional ones that usually come across television or shows up in children's books? Well, if not now you know there are more. These Cinderella stories are all different, but similar in some type of way. There are many stories that are unique either because of the cultural diversity, or even the way it ended. We all know how the traditional one goes where there’s a beautiful girl who’s mistreated by her step mom and sisters that were married into the family. Long story short she sneaked to the ball and left before midnight losing a slipper; the prince found it, and then so on… later getting married at the end. Two stories that can be taken into consideration as of…show more content…
It was rough for them throughout the years of suffering, but they got what they deserve at end. This was being place in the position of authority and being married to the king; something the antagonists in the story wanted for themselves. In both stories, the girls had to prove themselves in some way in order to be a wife. In Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters the king wanted to marry the one who was considered beautiful and most worthy. The girls were beautiful however, one who was known as Manyara had an unpleasant personality and treated everyone wrong, including the king whom portrayed himself as other beings versus the youngest who was kinder. In the Canadian story, the Rough Face Girl, in order to be married to the invisible man you had to take notice upon him and actually see him. The invisible man sister would ask questions about his apparel for example she would say, “Of what is his shoulder strap made?” Any girl from the village was able to answer, but as usual most didn’t see him or either gave incorrect guesses. That was until the youngest daughter, Oochigeaskw, made an attempt. She was actually able to prove what she witnessed before her
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