Comparing My Life Expectancy

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3a. An area is considered a Blue Zone when the people who live there are living longer lives.
3b. Loma Linda, California = The residents of Loma Linda are regularly exercising and maintaining a vegetarian diet which includes nuts, fruits and vegetables.

Nicoya, Costa Rica = The residents of
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Community = join some type of religious group that have the same similarities as you.
Loved ones first = build a healthy relationship with close family members and friends.

1b. Comparing my life expectancy and my healthy life expectancy, there is a 23-year difference between the two. My life expectancy is at 80.2 years old and my healthy life expectancy is at 63.3 years old.
1c. All the information that I received from the test was shocking. I never took the time to think about my life expectancy and how I was eating could affect that. But, then again my healthy life expectancy is at 63 and its very common around that age for people to start getting sick.
2c. Based on the results, I can add up 17 years. A few things I wouldn’t mind changing is to eat a lot more fruit. Also, I would probably get a little more sleep. Lastly, instead of eating white bread, I can switch to whole grain.


1. The purpose of the Blue Zones Project is to encourage communities to make healthier changes in their environment, policy, and social networks. Their objective is to transform communities in order for people to live healthier or better
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