Comparing Myotonia And Vasocongestion

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Masters and Johnson proposed a four phase sexual response cycle to explain and explore the similarities and differences in male and female sexual arousal. Through this cycle they were able to discern a pattern of sexual stimulation in both male and females that follow the same excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution trend, which is initiated through vasocongestion and myotonia
Vasocongestion is the physiological response that causes enlargement of the vaginal opening and erection of the penis by swelling from an increase in blood flow to the respective areas, as well as engorgement of the testes and nipples. Myotonia describes the voluntary and involuntary muscle spasms in the face, hands, feet, and in orgasm. Figure 3.2 of the Human Sexuality
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The penis will continue to grow in girth and the Cowper’s gland secretes a small amount of fluid to the tip of the penis that may turned a purple shade. In women, vasocongestion works to build an orgasmic platform by causing additional swelling to the external vagina which results in vaginal dilation. The labia minor may gain a red flush called sex skin, where the skin may turn deep wine coloured if they have carried to parity, or bright red in those who have not given birth. Internally, the expansion may cause the disappearance of the clitoris below the clitoral hood and elevation of the uterus. An increase in blood pressure, heart rate up to 160bpm, vasocongestion, an increase in muscle tension and myotonia in the feet, hands and face, and the appearance of a sex flush, all characterize the plateau stage in both men and…show more content…
Researchers compared the results of women from their sample and their attitudes towards these models and found that all three models were relatively equally regarded, which suggests that the more physiological and objective nature of the Masters and Johnson study appropriately intersects with the more subjective and arguably more psychologically practical model of Kaplan, and with the attention to individual differences present in the Basson
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