Comparing Nord Express And Hope

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The two designs I am comparing are 'Nord Express' by Cassandre and 'Hope ' by Shepard Fairey. 'Nord Express' was produced in 1927 and 'Hope' was produced in 2008.

The function of 'Nord Express' is to promote a railway company and the function of 'Hope' is to promote Barack Obama as a Presidential candidate. The purpose of 'Nord Express' was to get people to come and use the company's railway line more often and the purpose of 'Hope' was to make people want to vote for Barack Obama as their next president.

In 'Nord Express' we see: a black, shiny, metallic railway train with steam coming out from the front of the train; some cable lines on the right 1/3 of the graphic design; the words 'Nord Express' in capitals on the top centre of the poster;
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Cassandre has used tone and contrast between black and white to create a shiny, metallic and modern look to the train, which makes people want to use it more as it looks new and attractive. He used simple shaped and lines to add small amounts of simplified detail. The train has been arranged in an exaggerated way that makes it look like it’s travelling at high speeds to the horizon point on the right bottom side of the graphic design. The sky has been interpreted with the use of black-to-blue-to-white gradients. The gradients are flipped around so that they aren't fading in the same direction as the cable line’s gradient, so it makes that image stand out more and not blend in with the background. The lettering of ‘Nord Express’ has been coloured in a way that if any of the background’s white tones/colours were to overlap/merge with the text, the overlapped areas have then been coloured red. Tonal gradients have been used to make the train’s shapes more spherical/rounded and to create a shiny/metallic look to the train which was to make the train look modern, sleek, fast and new. Cassandre has made the view point very low so that we would look up at the train, which exaggerates the
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