Comparing Nurses Practitioners And Clinical Nurse Roles

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Comparing and Contrasting Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist Roles The role of the advanced practice nurse has evolved immensely over the years, so why not take a stand and continue your education to become one of the four advanced practice nurses? Transitioning to an advanced practice nurse role requires a master’s degree and some experience as a registered nurse in order to have the background to propel forward in this career. Advanced practice nurses are comprised of nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, nurse anesthetists, and nurse midwives who are often primary care providers and provide comprehensive care to patients. Out of the four advanced practice nurse roles, nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists have both been providing care to patients since the 1960s. They both have many similarities and differences, and strengths and limitations of practicing in these specialized roles. Description of Each Role Nurse Practitioner Nurse practitioners have been practicing and providing care to patients for decades. They are often at the forefront of providing care alongside physicians. They are quickly becoming the primary provider choice for many patients in a world where there is a shortage of good and accessible primary care providers. As health care providers, they have prescriptive authority to diagnose, treat, and evaluate patients. Besides being health care providers, nurse practitioners are mentors, educators, administrators and
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