Comparing O 'Connor, And The Sniper'

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To begin when I was in 7th grade, there was a solo for the violas in a concert, and there was only 4 of us. We all had to play out, so that the whole Auditorium would hear us. That showed that when I played out it should I was brave. So me being brave nothing compares to these 2 characters in these 2 stories, were brave. The characters Conner and the sniper showed that they were brave with their actions because Conner put himself in danger while he was getting shot at, and the sniper while he was pinned down. Secondly While Connor is brave ‘No time to think so I let impulse take over... He turns to one of Rolands henchman and punches him in the nose”(schuterman 163). He had to be brave when he punch one of them knowing that one of the fatigues might shoot him.then when he was on a highway “conner made a split second decision pushing a the officer against the truck and racing across a busy highway… he feels the impact but not in his skin the bullet embeds in his backpack”.when he was running from the police had to run knowing that they were going to chase him so he took the chance and he had to be brave to do that.…show more content…
Then when he was going to run and see if he knows the man who he was fighting to give his respect. “the sniper darted around the street a machine gun tore the ground around him with a hail of bullets but he escaped”. While being hurt he goes to give his respect to the fallen sniper but while doing so he put himself in danger and the risk of getting hurt more so he had to be brave to do
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