Comparing O. Henry's A Municipal Report and Susan Glaspell's A Jury of Her Peers

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Comparing O. Henry's A Municipal Report and Susan Glaspell's A Jury of Her Peers

In ?A Municipal Report? by O. Henry and ?A Jury of Her Peers? by Susan Glaspell, the authors provide a disappearance of evidence about a retaliatory murder, but only one is true to human life and shows characteristics about human life while the other falsifies it. In this case ?A Municipal Report? is most definitely the one that fixes the story to merely entertain the reader, and ?A Jury of Her peers? lets go the true character of mankind.

In ?A Municipal Report? O. Henry tells the story in a first person perspective through a man who thinks he is detached from the world. In O. Henry?s story we see that certain characters stand out among the rest by
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It is pretty much assumed that Caswell fought with Azalea?s little Negro girl when the reporter hears, ?deep, gruff tones of an angry man?s voice mingled with the girls further squeals and unintelligible words.? The depiction of these characters only has value in the entertainment world since there is no real variation in the characters. Lastly there is the narrator himself. He is a character that gets very much involved in what happens in the town, even though he feels otherwise. He gives Caesar the two dollars he asks for, which he gives to Azalea, and then Caswell steals. He also gives Azalea fifty dollars in advance out of kindness, which leads to Caswell stealing again, and ultimately results in his death. Finally he kept some valuable evidence from authorities when he threw out Caesar?s button. All this involvement and yet he still feels uninvolved by saying, ?I wonder what?s doing in Buffalo!? His reply to everything he has done to the little city of Nashville is a simple rub-off-the-shoulder and move on attitude. This is a very artificial perspective of human life through this mans eyes. Furthermore, the attention to detail in this story is very coincidental in the case that he always manages to go into depth with things that will be brought up later. He talks about so many things in great detail all around him. Some things people normally do not notice, but he manages to point out. He talks
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