Comparing Online Learning to Traditional Education

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There is currently a substantial growth in the number of students enrolled in distance learning courses due to the quickening pace of our society. Student are no longer forced to drive or attend classrooms in person in order to attend classes. It is quickly becoming favored not only among parents, but also among students. Though many individuals view online learning to be a more structured environment with fewer social distractions, just as many view it to be an easier or inferior way to obtain an education. The debate among the two sides hold many interesting and valid points as to their validity. Though with the rapid change in social requirements, there seems to be a growing gap between the advantages of distance learning and traditional classroom learning. Many people feel that distance learning constitutes an easier and less beneficial environment, because of the lack of face to face interaction among teachers and students. According to Jill Galusha (1998), a literary review found difficulties with learning, self-evaluation problems, lack of support services such as tutors and technical assistance, feeling of isolation, and inexperience with this mode of learning, which leads to academic problems. It is easy to identify with many or all of these issues from the position of a student. During a study at the University of Arkansas, dental students were used in a study to determine the perceptions and effects of distance versus classroom learning environments (Sledge, Vuk,
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