Comparing Orwell's Animal Farm And The Soviet Union

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In Animal Farm, an allegory to Joseph Stalin’s Tsarist Soviet Union which was written by George Orwell, which talks about the Tehran Conference as a so-called party. Orwell shows how the pigs, who represent Stalin and The Soviet Union n Revolution, talk with the humans who represent Churchill and Roosevelt. The Russian Revolution took place in 1917 when the peasants and working class people of Soviet Union revolted against the government of Tsar Nicholas II. They were led by Vladimir Lenin and a group that followed him called the Bolsheviks. The new communist government created the country of the Soviet Union which was led by Joseph Stalin. Joseph Stalin talked about military strategies to stop Germany with the Prime Minister
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In the book, “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” (141) This is portrayed as the pigs turning from humans and back and forth. This shows how Stalin is more like the others at the conference and not like them out of it. “Napoleon and Mr. Pilkington had each played an ace of spades simultaneously”(141) In cards, there is only one ace of spaces in a deck so if both of them pulling an ace of spades it would be that one of them (of both) are cheating. This is portrayed in real life by Stalin and the others not really trusting each other and Orwell knew that. The distrust between Stalin and the other is what builds what the Cold War and Orwell knew that when he wrote this book.
Orwell's Interpretation
Yes, George Orwell does a good job of depicting my topic in the novel.He represented the animals becoming humans. This is because it showed how Stalin is more like Roosevelt and Churchill. The ace of spades shows how they both cheated. This shows how Stalin and the others did not share the same ideas.

Conclusion George Orwell did a good depicting the Tehran Conference by representing Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill And Franklin Roosevelt correctly, how the game at the end of the story is an analogy to what happen in real life and how the animals trusted the others. Joseph Stalin talked about what happened at the Tehran Conference, How the novel portrayed the Tehran Conference, and how Orwell represented the event
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