Comparing Ovens, Baby Dolls And Little Girls

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To be frank our Gender determine a great deal about our lives. From our earliest age we are conditioned to adhere to our own set code of behavior. Little girls are often taught to submissive and subservient (lesser now then in years past but still to a considerable existent) They are given Easy bake Ovens, Baby Dolls and most distressingly of all miniature cosmetics to "enhance" their appearance and attract the attention of the opposite sex. They most be Pretty, polite, kind and sweet, perfect princesses but never queens. Taught instead to look to the men for protection, comfort and support. They will, they are told to be mothers and wives . Those who chaff at this and attempt to step outside the preassigned role are often ridiculed mercilessly by members of both Sexes , Called Butch, Ugly and quite often Bi%*&. Even those few that break though positions of status and influence in America are still often defined by their appearance, because whatever they do, however high they reach in American Society they must always be pretty. …show more content…

They will provide for the Women in their lives, to be tough, to be stoic. They must never cry, Boys don't cry. Males failing to meet the masculine standard are consider lesser men, worthy of naught but scorn and sneers. The single greatest insult to many is to be compared to the "more frail" gender. Or worse yet homosexual.

Put simply our Genders have a tremendous effect are what we are taught and how we are shaped by our society. From how we talk, to how we walk or dress even to what professions we are likely to take. These a reason we've yet to have a female President in this country and why woman are leadership are so few and far

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