Comparing Paintings by Pablo Picasso and Alberto Morrocco Essay

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Comparing Paintings by Pablo Picasso and Alberto Morrocco

I have decided to contrast and compare paintings by cubist artist
Pablo Picasso and contemporary artist Alberto Morrocco.

I have studied their paintings to find out their influences and any similarities between their work. I have tried to find a source of their motivation and reason for their interpretations.

Firstly, I am going to write about cubist artist, Pablo Picasso.
Inspired by artist Paul Cezanne, the father of analytical cubism,
Picasso attempted many styles of work. He experimented with different media and use of colour, throughout his artistic career. His paintings reflected his moods and attitudes, which changed several times during the course of his
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The most obvious comparison is both artists' choice of colour. Morrocco has deliberately repeated Picasso's use of 'blue' and injected it into his 'Siesta', to continue the idea of a solemn, cold atmosphere. A justifiable difference is Morrocco's over-use of simple shape. He transforms items from their natural state, simplifying and exaggerating them until his results are almost child-like. This bears little resemblance to the human figures in Picasso's 'The Tragedy' which are well detailed and realistically perceived.

When I look at 'The Tragedy' I feel overwhelmed in sadness and feel a sense of sympathy for Picasso and the family in his painting. I feel as though I am made a part of his painting as I can relate to how he is feeling after losing a loved one. Therefore I conclude that this painting was produced after Picasso experienced how it felt to have that love taken from him, a love that would be lost forever. I believe that is why he chose to show through an imaginative family, the emotional consequences of love ceasing to exist.

The 'Siesta' is less atmospheric and doesn't make me feel any emotional sadness towards the family featured in the painting, partly due to the title and the presence of the sunflower, which, in my opinion, are symbolic of some source of happiness. The wedding ring represents love, thus making me

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