Comparing People to Dolphins Essay

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Whether a dolphin should be a person and should get rights like humans seems to be a very odd question. However, if we take a close look at what characteristics are present in humans that allow them to be persons, the same criteria applied to dolphins makes them persons as well. The first criterion in my definition of a person is for them to have a sense of self. This is true for us, as we are aware that we exist, and we can recognize ourselves as what we are. In addition, this is true for dolphins as well, and is proven as dolphins can recognize themselves. In an experiment done on dolphins, black marks were put on dolphins, which they couldn’t see. The dolphins looked at themselves in a mirror, and knew they were looking at themselves…show more content…
This is important as we need to give the same respect to another person, and if dolphins can do that, than this is another reason why dolphins should be considered persons. Lastly, to be a person you have to be loved by another person. We show love to humans, as we care for them, respect them, and treat them properly, the way we want to be treated. This can also be applied to dolphins, as other dolphins love dolphins. They protect their young, and show their love to them. However, sometimes humans love dolphins as well. In one case, a woman loved a dolphin so much that she married it. She claimed “‘It's not a perverted thing. I do love this dolphin. He's the love of my life’”. This shows that if humans can show this love to dolphins, than why shouldn’t they be considered persons. They should. The woman loved the dolphin, and she is a human, as well as a person, and if she can show this love, than we should make dolphins persons as well. However, there still contrasting viewpoints. Many people believe, that dolphins are not self aware, and that when dolphins look in a mirror, it doesn’t really show that they are aware of themselves. However, in order to know that what is in a mirror is you, and not another dolphin, it shows something about self-awareness. You need to know you exist, in order to know that there is not another dolphin staring at back at you, while a dolphin looks in a mirror. Also, many people believe, that dolphins being kind to humans, is not
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