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Comparing Perfume Advertisements For my media coursework I’m going to look at two printed advertisements selling perfumes. One of them is called “very irresistible by Givenchy” and the other one is “rush by Dolce & Gabbana”. I’m going to compare the slogan, the logos, target audience and the selling techniques used. The target audience refers to who will buy the product. The perfumes are both used by women primarily but the advertisements are aimed at both male and females. The age group, which is aimed at is the younger end of the market up to mid thirties. As they are using young models you know it’s for younger women. The perfumes are priced reasonably so anyone could afford them. I…show more content…
The Givenchy Company doesn’t use a logo in this particular advert because they show the celebrity covering most of the page, which replaces it. The Dolce & Gabbana advert also doesn’t use a logo because they’ve written Dolce & Gabbana out in full, possibly because Christmas is coming up and they are encouraging people to buy the product as a Christmas gift. By putting only D&G, buyers might not recognise the company’s name and not buy its products. The woman in the Dolce & Gabbana advert is a tanned model just wearing a bra. With prominent lip-gloss on her lips, she’s laying back. She’s holding the perfume just over her chest showing the name of the brand. Promised land is used to indicate that if you use it you will look as sexy as her. The American actress Liv Tyler presents the new fragrance in a black and white advert. The advertisers have used the colour black and white to make the product seem sophisticated. To make the actual product stand out the only other colour used is pink which is the colour of the bottle. It also highlights the name of the fragrance ‘Irresistible’. Also in pink there is a small sentence saying ‘the new feminine fragrance’. Pink is used possibly because it is a girly colour. The layout is how all the written work and pictures are placed. The Givenchy advertisers have used borders
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