Comparing Physicalists with Dualists

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INTRODUCTION Are we just bundles of physical particles, or are we something more? Throughout the history of the modern and ancient world, there have always been questions about what is it that this world is made of and likewise, what we ourselves are made of. Do we actually have this beautiful, ethereal thing called a soul, or is this some unsubstantiated claim that we just like to believe because it makes us feel better? The philosophers questioning the nature of the mind/”soul” and posing questions regarding them as those have traditionally articulated their into two camps of theories (or at least an overwhelming majority fall into these camps). There are the Physicalists, and there are the Dualists. To put their ideas in the most basic of terms is fairly easy. Physicalists believe that 1) there is one thing/substance that constitutes the entirety of the universe (namely matter) and 2) that is all there is and therefore, knowing the physical particles accounts for everything (Stoljar 2009, 2 & 3). Dualists are quite a bit more ambiguous and flexible in regards to theories, but think of them as “counter-physicalists”. Most dualists subscribe to the overall belief that 1) this universe is more than solely the physical 2) no matter what the physical particles do constitute, be it 99.9999% of the world, it will never account for everything, and 3) the mind or soul – or at the very least some of its qualities or capabilities – is one of those unaccountable things, and is
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