Comparing Poems Porphyria's Lover 'And My Last Duchess'

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Robert Browning is a well known English poet known for his success using dramatic monologue during the Victorian Era. He grows up in England with his parents and shows an interest in poetry at a young age. His first published poems help to jump start his early career. Robert Browning, master of dramatic monologue, shows his world beliefs through characters in the two poems, "Porphyria's lover" and "My Last Duchess”. Robert Browning is born in Camberwell, a town outside of London, to Robert Sr. and Sarah Anna Weidmann Browning (Bloom’s 12). He begins his life showing an interest in poetry at a very young age. Browning grew up in a family that supported his poetry career and encouraged his interest in learning at a young age. His father’s library consisted of 6,000 values on different …show more content…

"Porphyria's Lover" is a poem during England's Victorian society about an adoring husband with hopes of equality for women. According to Masterplots II, “The title can be very misleading causing one to expect a perfect love relationship, perhaps two lovers in a cozy cottage retreating from the storm described in the opening lines. However, the perceptions reported by the lover soon alert the reader to his unbalanced perspective (Dickinson 3068).” A major theme occurring in “Porphyria's Lover” is love. The poem is about a women who having an affair which appeals to some people in Victorian society. Madness is a theme Browning uses in two of his works. The lover’s love makes him go crazy. He decides that in order to control what Porphyria does is to kill her. He knows she will not stay so he kills her. After killing her he shows no emotion. According to Dickinson, “A possible additional thread of meaning may be derived from the knowledge that the poem was first published with another poem, "Johannes Agricola in Meditation" and that the two poems were later grouped under the heading 'Madhouse Cells’ (Dickinson

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