Comparing Poems from Different Cultures

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Comparing Poems I am going to be talking about their methods that the poets use to explore the connection between people and the places in which they live in. The poems that I am comparing are Hurricane hits England and Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan. In Hurricane Hits England the techniques used are personification, she says “Talk to me oya” here referring to the hurricane as a person, she is doing this to try and feel like she is at home, trying to connect back to where she came from, it is almost as if the hurricane has brought her a message that where ever you are on earth it is still the same place. “Falling as heavy as whales” is a simile and this is effective because the torrential rain that comes with a hurricane becomes…show more content…
he also can’t quite understand why her aunts would want cardigans from Marks and Spencer’s when they have the lovely, radiant clothes that they sent here in Hurricane Hits England the women uses the weather gods to help her fit in, she calls upon the god’s and goddesses in her time of need and they help her to understand that “the earth is the earth is the earth.” She may also feel at home being able to call upon the god’s and goddesses in a foreign country where she feels all
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