Comparing Political Party Coalitions Essay

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Comparing Political Party Coalitions In the two-party system, a political party is often defined as simply a coalition of interests. In our system, any political party that hopes to win elections must build a coalition of support to receive a majority vote. While the two-party system is far from perfect, it provides us with an interesting look into how wide ranging political parties gain support from individuals that are commonly concerned with only one or a few issues. By looking at the Democratic and Republican national websites, we can gain information on who these parties target, why they target them, and the relative success of these efforts. In this short piece, I will examine both websites and compare and contrast how Democrats…show more content…
Also interesting is the fact that the RNC includes more categories (17) for issues than the DNC (12). Overall, it seems that the RNC’s website puts more emphasize on the people and groups than the DNC’s website. The RNC displayed their supporters right on their homepage with uplifting pictures and links to what the GOP is doing and other information. In contrast, the DNC’s website made it more difficult to find groups of people. Located at the very bottom of the page and including 18 different groups. Another interesting difference between the two was how they listed their groups. While the DNC opted for an alphabetical ordering, the RNC placed “RNC women” at the top followed by “GOP Hispanics” and “Black Republican Activists” and “Asian Pacific Americans” next. Also at the bottom of the page where the groups are listed the RNC opted to order the list seemingly randomly with “Black Republican Activists” at the top and “Veterans and Military Families” at the bottom. I think both of these show the RNC is trying to relate to Blacks and minorities in general. Also, I believe it is important to scrutinize the name the RNC gives these groups. Categories such as “Black Republican Activists” speaks to the kind of people the RNC is trying to target with their website. The word activist instantly brings up heroic figures and positive feelings. In contrast, the DNC seemed to use much more general terms across all categories simply
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