Comparing Pope, Blake, and Eliot Essay

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Pope's way of dealing with life and its problems seemed to be in the theory of just leaving it all up to God, and "whatever is, is right." In the end Gods plan will be done and nothing will change or deviate your life outcomes from what he has planned. Throughout Pope's An Essay of Man it seemed to me that God may only make us aware of what we can handle or appropriately comprehend. Thus, the reason the Lamb did not panic as it "licks the hand about to shed his blood," and it would seem that he's also saying man has no idea what angels are capable of doing or what they have planned for mankind. I also believe that even the simplest of man, the "Indian," knew that the only way to be close to God and understand what some of his views were…show more content…
In the end we will all have to answer to the Lord, and even the "Black Boy" will be there with him in his "golden tent," -- Or as the Bible describes it in his Tabernacle -- and there will be equality for all that are with God in Heaven. Blake goes on using metaphors telling of the sun shining, and "that we may learn to bear the beams of love." I believe he is using the sun rays to be the actual beams of love from Jesus Christ himself, and he shines it on every one from "flowers and trees and beasts and men." For the love of Jesus to be so strong that at one point the "Black Boy," must shield the "English Boy" from it until he is ready to receive Jesus Christ. For Pope and Blake the theme was basically the same in my mind, and they believed that you must put faith in Christ and he will take you through any troubles that may come your way. T.S. Eliot seems to take a more logical way of dealing with life and the problems associated with it. In his The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, it was clear that the man in his story was in some sort of love letter, or fantasy world of wanting to tell a woman his feelings. The problem with the man was that he lacked confidence with, and it grew worse as the story went on. He started
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