Comparing Positivist And Radical Victimology Perspective

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Compare the positivist victimology perspective with either the radical or critical victimology perspective. Illustrate your answer with reference to at least one of following: age, class, gender, race and sexuality.
The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate the different perspectives within victimology, specifically focusing on positivist and radical victimology perspectives. In arguing these similar but contrasting perspectives this essay will also signpost the relationship of the factors age and gender have to these theories and victimisation. Victimology which is the study between the criminal and the victim as a discipline was developed during the late 1940’s. Dignan and Goodey (2005) cited in Victimology,
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Both von Hentig and Mendelsohn are seen in most academic literature as the founders of the discipline of victimology. This notion of the responsibility and accountability of the victim’s influence of their own victimisation was further developed within the work of Wolfgang (1958) whom introduced the terms victim precipitation. Whereas Hindelang et al. (1978) introduced the notion of victim’s lifestyle which was in relation to the victims daily routine and activities which could account towards their personal victimisation. Putting themselves at greater risk of being a victim of crime was put into the “lifestyle model’ which was developed by Hindeland, Gottfredson and Garfolo (1978, cited in Fattah, 2000). Further research into the victim precipitation and victim lifestyle was “According to Zender (2002, pp.4201-1), Wolfgang’s study Patterns in Criminal Homicide (1958) and Amir’s Patterns of Forcible Rape (1971) continued the theme of victim precipitation.” Positivist victimology was a term coined by (1989:3) he identified what can be seen as they key characteristics of positivist victimology: “The identification of factors which contribute to a non random pattern of victimisation, a focus on interpersonal crimes of violence, and a concern to identify victims who may have contributed to their own victimisation”. (Jupp, Davies, and Francis, 2003) p.g.9 Sometimes positivist victimology can be referred to as conservative
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