Comparing Power In Metamorphosis And A Doll's House

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In today’s society, roles of power and responsibility are very sought after. As seen in Ibsen’s A Doll’s House and Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, dominating roles served a big part in the story as well as the stories’ conflict. In A Doll’s House Torvald’s over dominate attitude and Nora’s lack of power, along with other attributes, ultimately led to Nora leaving him and their family. In The Metamorphosis conflict started to arise when Gregor lost his power to provide for his family, which caused his family to eventually view him as a burden. In both the novels A Doll’s House and The Metamorphosis, the alteration of power contributed to disruption in family life. In the novel A Doll’s House when power began to be distributed disproportionately,…show more content…
When Gregor was no longer able to provide for his family, the power which once belonged to Gregor immediately shifted over to his father. Even when Gregor metamorphosed into a dung beetle he still had the urge to work. Gregor thought, “He again told himself that it was impossible for him to stay in bed and that the most rational thing was to make any sacrifice for even the smallest hope of freeing himself from the bed” (Kafka). Gregor willingness to get out of bed to provide for his family even after experiencing an anticlimactic life previous to becoming a dung beetle, demonstrates his want for power. After he lost his power, Gregor is also forgotten. “Many things had become superfluous, and though they certainly weren't salable, on the other hand they could not just be thrown out. All these things migrated into Gregor's room…Whatever was not being used at the moment was just flung into Gregor's room by the cleaning woman” (Kafka). Being associated with his family’s junk, exemplifies the importance of power. Without being able to provide anything to his family Gregor proves that if one is considered useless to another than they are not tr Gregor is one example that proves that if one can’t contribute to a situation or in other words has no power, then they are forgotten or treated
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