Comparing Prince's Life And Style

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When Prince died on April 21, the world lost one of the greatest pop stars ever. The news made the front page of nearly every daily newspaper. For the gossip magazines, it was even sadder. The death occurred on Thursday, the day their publications hit newsstands. They’d have to wait a week to tell the story. Let’s see how they did. Life & Style Prince might have been one of the most talented figures to hit the pop culture scene in the last 50 years, but to the editors at Bauer’s Life & Style he was no Ben Affleck. The weekly, which tracks Hollywood’s hottest trends, gave most of the cover of this week’s issue to Affleck, who has apparently knocked up his wife again and called off the divorce. The heart-warming tale is spread across two pages — and the story couldn’t be more boring if Affleck wrote it. You would think that with six days to edit six paragraphs, they’d make sure some “facts” didn’t conflict. One fan who attended Prince’s April 16 dance party is quoted as saying, “He seemed completely healthy.” Another partygoer told the mag, “He needed help getting up on the stage” and had a doctor by his side. Save your $3.49 for a couple of song downloads. InTouch…show more content…
Now don’t run out and buy this rag hoping for honest to goodness facts. The claim is based on an unidentified “veteran private investigator” who feels that if Prince’s doctor over-prescribed a range of addictive medications then, in his opinion, it was murder. Nice work,
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