Comparing Project Management and Scenario Planning

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Running Header: Project Management and Scenario Planning

Comparing Project Management and Scenario Planning
Business Management and Leadership
January 17, 2010

Managers are the driving forces of an organization they have five functions organizing, planning, staffing, directing and controlling. A manager role is to achieve effective utilization of resources in an organization. Managers have a major role in the decision making process, he has to know how to communicate in bring changes to an organization. He should be able to motivate as well as communicate with his employees. Mangers should be able to solve conflict between employees in to be able to come up with a solution to the problem. He should know that the organization
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The scenario planning method works by understanding the nature and impact of the most uncertain and important driving forces affecting the future. It is a group process which encourages knowledge exchange and development of mutual deeper understanding of central issues important to the future of your business. The goal is to craft a number of diverging stories by extrapolating uncertain and heavily influencing driving forces. The stories together with the work getting there has the dual purpose of increasing the knowledge of the business environment and widen both the receiver’s and participant’s perception of possible future events. The method is most widely used as a strategic management tool, but it is also used for enabling group discussion about a common future
When comparing in contrasting the two they both start out learning about something within the company in changing it so the company can not be affected by this problem in the future. The technique that would work best within my company is Project management because we have a problem not thinking of one that can come up this is something we already know what we need to do now we just have to start on the project to get it done. Scenario planning can be something we can use in the future when we are trying to think of uncertain things that can happen in are coming in think of a way to fix it, but we don’t need scenario planning now. The steps that my manager should take to
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