Comparing Psychodynamic And In Psychodynamic Approach

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that all humans are fundamentally rational and have a positive outlook and can deal with situations in a rational manner where as in psychodynamic it would refer we are influenced by things and are natural instincts good or bad. What we can determine is in fact we are a combination of all of the above and never is right or wrong. Another statement would the best model is that of the whole person, In psychodynamic the best way is to break personality down into component parts here we are having two different approaches whereas the first takes the whole person into consideration and the sum total of parts makes the whole in psychodynamics we reverse this into breaking the whole down into sections or parts for investigation and take each part as a separate entity. In humanistic…show more content…
The next example we decide what happens to us and in psychodynamic the outside influence control us and are actions so in the first example we control are situation and actions where as in the second example it’s the outside world that controls are reactions Further examples are that the individual controls behavior and in psychodynamic stimuli controls us here we are saying in the first example that we are in control of our behavior of our own free will and in the second example outside stimuli controls are
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