Comparing Public Vs Private Health Care System Essay

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Healthcare is one of the most controversial political priorities of our time. It affects the young and the old; males and females; the rich and the poor; healthy and unhealthy. It can be about something as mundane as a checkup to a matter of life or death. What makes provision of healthcare so complex is the correlation of delivery and expenses. This expensive commodity often depends upon a political outlook about society and the people living in the community. Each country has developed a delivery system but there continues to be dialogue about what system is best for the consumer yet fiscally responsible. I address the question: “Health Care is always an important topic of debate. Often this debate occurs in terms that compare public versus private health care system. After showing how the public option is associated with welfare state liberalism and the private option with neo-conservativism, which option do you prefer and why?”, and argue that in developed countries such as Canada, public healthcare is a more sustainable and superior system over private. Healthcare is always a hard topic to debate, with many variables therefore making it hard to decipher which one is the top ideology. To start, the difference between the ideologies are that public healthcare is associated with welfare state liberalism. This means that the government has a vast amount of interaction within the country. According to the book Overview of Health the main purpose of public healthcare is
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