Comparing Public and Private Administration

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In public administration, the decision-making is based on the government and the officials of the organizations where public administration is practiced are mostly non-elected (Simon, Smithburg, & Thompson, pg 9-12). These unelected officials are sometimes considered as heads of the state, city, federal departments, human resource administrators, census managers, cabinet secretaries and city managers. These public administrators work in government agencies and departments and act as public servants at different government ranks (Denhardt & Denhardt, pg18).
On the other hand, private administration is the administration of private organizations. Due to this reason, it is sometimes referred as business administration. There are a number of differences as well as similarities between public and private administration. The basic difference is in the aims and objectives of each administration. Private administration is in those organizations, which aim to earn the profit for individual benefits from the customers in the market (Denhardt & Denhardt, pg 18). This benefit is the economic profit. Whereas, public administration is in those agencies which aims at earning such benefits that are good for the whole society. These are the societal or social benefits.
The other…
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