Comparing Quag Dab Peg And Epilepsy

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Comparing quag dab peg and epilepsy is all a matter of perspective. We can diagnose what Lia is going through as either a disease or a blessing, depending if our mindset is that of a MMC medical staff or a Hmong, respectively. Before I begin I must answer the question and say that all though both sides describe almost the same symptoms, it’s a matter of perspective, your red is not the same as my red. So no quag dab peg and epilepsy are not the same thing. For the Hmong having quag dab peg is a blessing. Yes they acknowledge that being quag dab peg is potentially life threatening but also quag dab peg means your body is considered clean enough for the “Soul of Health” to enter your body. They consider quag dab peg or “The spirit catches you and you fall down” a symptom associated with the highest levels of purity. For example, being quag dab peg means your body is clean enough for the healing soul to enter your body, since this spirit is never wrong in choosing the pure. A quag dab peg individual is considered a highly respected person in the community and is most likely candidate to become a Shaman. Being quag dab peg means you have the ability to go between both worlds say heaven and earth. In contrast, being epileptic as defined by the medical staff at Merced is a neurological disorder marked by sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbance. In conclusion, the Merced Medical staff want to cure the disease while the Hmong are grateful Lia is qua dab peg. To the Hmong

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