Comparing 'Quickdraw' with 'in Paris with You' Essay

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How do the Poets James Fenton and Carol Ann Duffy Present the Pain of Love in their Poems ‘In Paris with You’ and ‘Quickdraw’?
James Fenton and Carol Ann Duffy are both contemporary poets. Their poems ‘In Paris with You’ and ‘Quickdraw’ both include the themes of the pain of love. This essay compares how the two poets present the pain of love in their poems, exploring things such as imagery, vocabulary and form and structure.
One way in which the poets present their ideas about the pain of love is through their use of imagery with their poems. For example, they both use metaphors about being ‘wounded’. Fenton’s line ‘I’m one of your talking wounded’ adopts a pun which relates to the expression ‘walking wounded’, used by soldiers to imply
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Although Fenton’s and Duffy’s structures differ in places, they are also similar in some ways too. For instance, both poems include repetitions. In ‘Quickdraw’, Duffy writes ‘Take this...and this...and this...and this...and this...’. This is meant to represent her partner shooting her again and again; in reality, he is saying many mean things to her, and hurting her further each time he says something. Similarly, Fenton repeats the phrase ‘I’m in Paris with you’, which suggests that no matter what the couple have been through in the past, the fact that they are together is the only thing that matters. Also, the word ‘Paris’ may have a double meaning of love in the phrase. This is backed up in the last stanza in the last stanza of the poem, when Fenton writes ‘I’m in Paris with the slightest thing you do’, which would mean ‘I’m in love with the slightest thing you do’. Fenton may have used the word ‘Paris’ instead of ‘love’ because he is to afraid to speak of his love for her because of the possible consequences that he may eventually face, or he may have just used it because Paris is a city associated with love and romance.
The language styles of the two poets differ in their poems. For example, Fenton writes ‘In Paris with You’ in the first person. He also uses many imperatives, such as ‘Don’t talk to me of love’. This suggests that Fenton has almost become afraid of the word ‘love’, as he

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