Comparing Rayman’s Ten Imperatives to My College Experience Essay

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How does Rayman’s ten imperatives compare to my experience in college? This is a very good question! I will discuss each imperative and how I felt my undergraduate career development experience was addressed with each imperative. Imperative 1 – The acknowledgement of life long career development and the initiative taken to help students take ownership of their career destiny. The undergraduate institution I attended was really lacking in this area. There was an emphasis on job search and preparation. However, it was a program that was basically geared to help you get a job after college and that was it. Granted that was over 10 years ago and I am optimistic that paradigm as changed. Imperative 2 – The embracing of…show more content…
I do remember the counselor asking what kind of career I was looking to pursue. Granted the services were limited it seemed but it seemed that the center wanted to have that personal touch.
Imperative 5 – There must be an interactive approach between student, advisors, faculty, and parents to create a collaborative goal to further the student’s career development. This for sure was not a strong point. Academic advising was separate from the career services department. It was very much two different worlds, advising and career development. After recently touring the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and seeking how their integrated academic and career development departments were one, it dawned upon me how that integration is valuable. UW-Parkside really noted how the two areas go hand in hand and they capitalized upon that change, in terms of student success. The Career / Academic center at Parkside is very well noted for that very reason. Obviously, that was such a great shortfall of the undergraduate institution I attended.
Imperative 6 – There must be focus on the diversity in the career development process. Besides, international students the university was not really diverse. I only took note of a few culture clubs. Without question, I would imagine that the career development process was unrepresentative.
Imperative 7 – There must be a realistic link between career services and the economy. The must be an emphasis
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