Comparing Reading And Writing Strategies

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Compare and Contrast Two Reading and Writing Strategies Rilla Showles William Carey University “Reading comprehension and writing skills are a predictor of academic success and a basic requirement for participation in civic life and in the global economy” (Beltran, Decker, 2014, p.18). “Children are expected to read and comprehend grade-level texts independently and proficiently by the end of third grade and fifth grade” (Stahl, 2012, p. 47). One method of supporting adolescent writing development is scaffolding. Scaffolding is an effective writing instruction that provides structured support as students take on new writing projects or more difficult task (Benko, 2013, p. 291). Reading Recovery and Guided Reading is similar to scaffolding because it uses the same technique. Both Reading Recovery and Guided Reading provides high levels of scaffolding for beginning readers (Stahl, 2012, p. 48). Scaffolding provides support for both reading and writing by enabling the student to master more complex tasks until the scaffolding is no longer needed. These strategies provide individual support to students. Once they have mastered a skill they move on to the next level. Read Aloud is similar to scaffolding in that the lessons are organized in such a way to gradually become more complex with time by building on prior learned skills and strategies. The purpose in the read aloud scaffolding much like the writing scaffolding in that eventually students are
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