Comparing Relationships, Stereotypes, and Identity Of Characters in Four Films

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Comparing Relationships, Stereotypes and Identity of Characters in Four Films Four films were viewed, all featuring central characters who had to overcome various obstacles to form successful relationships. The films were very different from one another in terms of cinematography and plot. In each instance, however, characters experienced emotional growth as they formed relationships and, in the process, learned more about themselves. The overarching theme of the four films could be that of unlikely relationships. "Although not every film strives to be 'realistic,' nearly all films attempt to immerse in a world that is depicted convincingly on its own terms" (Barsam 50). All four movies had contemporary settings at the time they were filmed. Eagle vs. Shark takes the viewer to New Zealand. My Beautiful Launderette was set in the economically-depressed area of south London in the mid-1980s. Another 1980s film, Moonstruck, took place in an Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn. In the Heat of the Night was set in a small Mississippi town in the 1960s, when racial tensions were high. Eagle's main character, Lily, is a young woman in her late 20s. She works behind the counter at Meaty Boy, a fast food restaurant. The highlight of her day is a visit by Jarod, who works at a nearby video game store and is so socially awkward that he appears to have an autism spectrum disorder. Throughout the movie, he displays little emotion, even when making love with Lily or when planning his

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