Comparing Robert Frost's "After Apple-Picking" to "Apples" by Laurie Lee

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Comparing Robert Frost's "After Apple-picking" to "Apples" by Laurie Lee Poetry is an attempt to describe the nature and intensity of one's feelings and opinions. Often, however, these thoughts are too vague or complex to articulate. How does a poet translate these abstract ideas into something more tangible and workable? Simple, metaphorical objects and situations can be used to represent more elusive concepts. These can be interpreted in many different ways, however, and poets often use the same symbols to produce varying effects. By comparing "After Apple-picking," by Robert Frost and "Apples," by Laurie Lee one can see how the poets coincidentally use similar subjects to discuss a broader, more meaningful issue. Both Frost and Lee use…show more content…
Lee's poem, however, has a warm, comfortable feel to it. The world is described as ‘juice-green.' This creates a sense of vitality. Life seems to be flowing freely and nature is existing harmoniously. The narrator is relaxed and peaceful. This illustrates the calm that results from the knowledge that life has had an opportunity to remain natural. Frost and Lee both create the tone of their poems to reflect their ideas. The style of each poem also illustrates the message that the poet wishes to communicate. "After Apple-picking" has a narrative form, and is more directly factual than Lee's poem. It relates a stream of events, using insubstantial description. The narrator is detached and shows little emotion. This reflects man's ignorant negligence of the environment. It is this lack of caring which allows mankind to abuse the planet's resources. "Apples," however, is descriptive. The poem is more appreciative of nature's power and beauty. An emotional companionship with the environment allows the narrator to acknowledge the harmony of its natural processes. This style is achieved through an artistic use of imagery. Lee focuses on color to create this effect. She describes the ‘russet, crab and cottage red' apples which ‘burn in the sun's hot brass.' She also uses simile to add to the imagery in her poem. The apples which ‘drop like sweat,' describe the heat of summer. They

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