Comparing Romeo And Juliet By Zefferelli's Version

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In my opinion I think the Zefferelli’s version of the balcony scene is better, that's just my opinion maybe it’s because it’s the original version. To y first point is, in Zefferelli’s version Romeo tends to hide better in the bushes like a wolf as a wolf relates to the moon and Juliet on the balcony is like the top of the mountain where wolfs like to howl. Where in Luhrmann's version Romeo just hides behind her. Second of all In the balcony scene Romeo compares Juliet to a” bright angel being over my head” for in the original version they show the different levels between Romeo and Juliet while in the 1996 version Juliet's not really on the balcony for most of the scene as angels are supposed to be above. In the play, Romeo says” two
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