Comparing Satire In Saturday Night Live And The Late Show

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Political Satire: Both Amusing and Informative
Political satire is the use of humor, sarcasm, or ridicule to criticize politician’s vices. Most satire today is political. Comedians have become our truth-tellers. When it comes to politics, news and satire go together like peanut butter and jelly. Shows including: NBC’s Saturday Night Live and CBS’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert showcase political satire the best of them all. The main questions are: does satire relay new well and does satire make for a reliable news source?
Stephen Colbert is known to be the king of satire. His late-night show is popular for his use of satire to convey the news. He is so good at his satire that people on all sides of the political debate find him funny.
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Humor is a big part of my life, and I find what is life without a good laugh. I have watched both Saturday Night Live and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. I find them both very funny and I did learn some things from watching them. I find normal news to be lacking enjoyment. They are frankly boring.
Satire requires a lot of interpretation. No one quite has the same opinions on what is trying to be conveyed by such satire. Some people think satire is rude and crosses the line. For others, it is easier to comprehend more serious political topics when humor is involved. Satire can be helpful to some in the transmission of information. I agree completely with this. Humor helps grab the attention of viewers and make the experience more enjoyable. I find it easier to watch the SNL skits mocking the debate over the real deal. Yes, they may be making fun of people, but I unapologetically find that funny. In my opinion there is a reason these people are victims of satire.
Whether it is political or just plain old satire, comicality adds a lot to new segments. There is not one person who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh. Satire allows people to both receive the news and laugh at the same time. It is like the best of both worlds. Comedians may have become our truth-tellers, but I’m not complaining. I like the way satire and news mesh

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