Essay about Comparing Several Performance Appraisal Methods

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1. Definition of Performance Appraisal Performance appraisal (PA) is one of the important components in human resource management. Performance appraisal is a tool to identify employees’ training and development needs. There are two primary purposes of PA, which are the evaluating and development. In conducting appraisal, information of the current skills and job behavior will be recorded, evaluated and trained accordingly to their needs. Through performance appraisal, employees’ motivation level can be increased by obtaining feedbacks and companies can know the strength and weaknesses of their staffs. This will improve understanding between organization and employees on performance standards. Companies will be able to identify…show more content…
2.1.1. Graphic Rating Scales According to Fisher (2009), the most commonly used type of method in appraising the performance of employees in the form of trait-based assessment is the graphic rating scales. This is done through by giving ratings according to the degree in which an employee has achieved and the criteria for assessment are evaluated through various characteristics related to job performance, such as the employee’s job knowledge and punctuality. For example of the approach format would be the rating is often scored from a degree of 1 to 5, with 5 representing excellent performance and 1 representing poor performance. Thus, the manager rates each employee on the listed areas according to a numerical score. Some appraisal forms include space for comments, so that the manager can provide reasons for his or her ratings. Examples of graphic rating scale is when employers conduct a rating base on subordinate’s production count using the rationale of higher the production count, the better worker he/she is. Lawyers in law firms will be accessed by amount of billable hours per month whereas a factory worker will be rated according to numbers of work assembled in a day. Figure 1.1 below is an example of a graphic rating scale. Advantages of Graphic Rating Scales The main advantage of a graphic rating scale is that it is relatively easy to construct, use and understand. In addition, the scores provide a
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