Comparing Sigmund Freud's Life And Breuer

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While Freud was a medical student he was introduced to Josef Breuer through physiologist Ernst Brucke. Josef Breuer eventually became friends with Freud and later on introduced Freud to Wilhelm Fliess. Fliess and Breuer were two influential individuals in Freud's life and Breuer greatly influenced the development of psychoanalysis. Josef Breuer was a Viennese physician who used hypnotism to treat hysteria and eventually Freud also used hypnosis to treat his own patients which helped him form his ideas on unconscious desires. “Freud adopted 'Breuer's cathartic method' in the treatment of his own patients and it was here that he developed his ideas about the role of unconscious conflicts in hysteria and other forms of neurosis in great depth”…show more content…
A passing Christian knocked his cap off while telling him to get out of the way and expressing how much he disliked Jews. Instead of standing up to the Christian, Freud's father just moved out of the way and retrieved his cap from the ground. After hearing this story Freud was greatly affected because he lost confidence in his father as a role model. Freud later based his Oedipus Complex theory off of Sophocles's play “Oedipus the King.” The story was similar to his father's story only in the play when the main character is told to move off the road by the king the character instead retaliates and murders the king. The Oedipus Complex is a child's desire for sexual involvement with either the mother or the father depending on the child's gender followed by rivalry with the parent of the same sex (Breger, 2012). The Oedipal theory somewhat combines Freud's longing for his mother's attention and his contempt for his father. Freud did not want to apply his patient's traumatic experiences to himself so instead he applied his own experiences to his patients through this Oedipal
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