Comparing Sigourney And Thoreau, And Henry David Thoreau

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Sigourney and Thoreau The authors Lydia Huntley Sigourney, and Henry David Thoreau, both demonstrate similarities and differences in their works. While comparing both essays, it is evident that both authors share similar views on environmental issues, and at the same time demonstrate great emotional journeys in their works. The extraordinary beauty of nature appears frequently in both pieces. Both authors focus their personal experiences, however, within different subject matters. The way in which the authors express their beliefs and feelings is demonstrated through personal life endeavors. It is apparent that the authors are expressing their perception of the atrocities committed to the environment by humans. In Journals from Tuesday, December 30th by, Henry David Thoreau, he talks about hearing a saw and then seeing two men cutting down a tree. Thoreau is describing the dramatic crash and fall of the tree while expressing his thoughts and opinions on the tree being cut down. Thoreau calls the men “mannikins” and explains how they are “fleeing from their crime.” In fallen Forests by Lydia Huntley Sigourney, she discusses how men are destroying forests and how large sections of trees are being decimated by careless individuals. She expresses how the trees have created and done so much for the ecosystem from which they live and at some point in time the civilization will realize the depth of their destruction. She describes how this action not only effects the animals

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