Comparing Sinuhe And Odysseus And The Odyssey Essay

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Sinuhe and Odysseus both experience different pathways to peace within themselves while they share in knowledge of what it means to be away from their familiar lands; these differences and similarities are seen in the Egypt told in the Tale of Sinuhe and Greece in The Odyssey. Sinuhe tells of a royal courtier who was travelling with Prince Senwosret on a campaign to Libya. While on the expedition, news was spread that the dual king Sehotepibre had passed. Unbeknownst to Senwosret, Sinuhe overheard and fled Egypt in a panic. He travelled from land to land and finally stopped in Syria, where he lived, had a family and become a hero to the tribe he stayed with. Later in his life he felt the longing to return back home to be buried properly. After writing to the new king, Senwosret, for his request, he accepts and sends for him. His life before fleeing from Egypt was once again brought back to him until he died. For Odysseus in The Odyssey, his exile and longing was not easily resolved like Sinuhe’s story was. Odysseus was the sole survivor of an expedition gone wrong. After living away from home in exile after the doings of his naïve crew for several years, Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and war, helped him in secret to return back to his homeland in Ithaca. Odysseus, a man full of emotion, stress, and heart, made it back home after many attempts and stops but not without sorrow and torment. In the end peace is restored and Odysseus is known as a “king”. From the two

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