Comparing Socrates And Descartes On The Proof Of Existence Of God

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Comparison between Socrates and Descartes on the proof of existence of God. Socrates is who established ancient philosophy with Plato and Aristotle. His philosophy effects Western system of philosophy. He was born BC 470 in Athens and his father was a sculptor and his mother was midwife. He focuses teaching other people that philosophical argument in his life. He doesn’t want material for teaching because he doesn’t have material greed. His goals are verifying the oracle, question our belief, and test our concepts. He use dialogue Question and Answer for achieve philosophical answer. First, he placed great significance giving question per se. He asks to his disciples that what is the justice, what is the pious and impious and what is the difference between precisions to temerity. It is for that they can find answer themselves through answering. Second, Socrates tries to aware self-ignorance. He says, “Know thyself.” People called he is the wisest person, but he says he does not know anything. Third, his philosophy has strong ethical aspects. He was identified with virtue and knowledge to think, when performed correctly, finally found out what is right. In order to pursue the best line is that people will realize what a true virtue. Finally, his thinking has the choice that is to be interpreted as a political ideology. He is summoned by the Court in Athens, accused of corrupting the youth and not believing the 12 ancient Greek God’s and Goddesses’. He is ultimately

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