Comparing Sonny's Blues And The Rich Brother By Tobias Baldwin

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As we examined the essay “Sonny’s Blues” and “The Rich Brother” that may not have a great deal in common, but with more analysis in to the stories it becomes clear that they are similar but still have their own uniqueness. The stories are “The rich brother” which was written by Tobias Wolff is known for short stories or memoir and “Sonny’s Blues” which was written by James Baldwin also an American writer best known for its eloquence or rhetorical force in his writing. Both writers a best known for their famous writing than span for decades.
Let start with “The Rich brother” about Pete and Donald brothers who have little in common for example Pete is successful person making great money and can provide his family anything they wants while
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As you can see from both stories it about overcoming boundaries, accepting people for who they are, and understanding each relationship in order to co-exist.
The story is identical of each because both narrators have troubling accepting their brother lifestyle. For example, the narrator from “The Rich Brother” he wants to make a point that Pete is the responsible one and successful while Donald is the drifter with little control of his life but for most part it sibling rivalry. And, in “Sonny’s Blues” when narrator picks up his brother Sonny from prison while he willing to help his brother Sonny but they still unable to understand each other lifestyle. As the both stories continue to develop, in “The Rich Brother” the narrator made a point that while Pete is successful and might not understand his brother Donald but he will still be there for him because they require each other like sibling rivalry you cannot have one without the other. In “Sonny’s Blues” the situation is the same where the narrator still unsure what to verbally express to Sonny and instead he just listens when require to voice his opinion.
At the end of both stories both narrators made a point of wanting to overcome their boundaries and accepting their bothers lifestyle. For “Sonny’s Blues” the narrator of coping through the music and the needs of trying to get out of his environment. Music is what ends up being the light in the

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