Comparing Speech to Writing

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There are differences and similarities when comparing speech to writing. What is the correct way to write? What is the correct way to speak? There are varying ways on how to do both these things. The vast number of languages, accents and dialects are astounding. In the United States, one can go to different parts of the county and hear many other languages used or incorporated into everyday use. When one speaks to their family, do they not speak differently than when surrounded by personalities in Academia? The same goes for writing. Doesn't one write differently in lets say, a diary then when he or she writes a Thesis Paper? Comparing the work of Amy Tan and Primo Levi provides a greater understanding of what’s at stake when we speak as opposed to when we write. Amy Tan argues that what we think matters, but not how we say it. As long as a point is made, the argument is valid. Primo Levi asserts that one should always write to please the audience, not make the reader have to work to understand what an Author is saying. Tan is a public speaker and Author. Primo Levi is an Philosopher and Author. There are so many similarities yet so many differences between the two. Amy Tan emphasizes the value of speech no matter the variation, while Levi states “ The loudest works make the least impact”. Clarification is key; one can rant all they want on paper, but unless there a defined subject, the paper holds no value. Tan places value in what we say, not how we say it. She spoke of
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