Comparing Success in Horatio Alger's Ragged Dick and the Life of Colin Powell

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Success in Horatio Alger's Ragged Dick and the Life of Colin Powell

What does success mean to you? I think the idea of success is affected by the social system. In America and Hong Kong, which are capitalistic societies affected by the American Dream, success means money and fame. In other societies, success might have different meanings. Some people said money and fame is the true meaning of success, but I think that the true meaning of success is to follow the interest of your own and being good at it, but not money and fame. Overemphasizing on these two factors can only lead to negative effects. Therefore I think the definition of success in capitalistic countries should not be focused on money and fame, because it restricts
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The importance of money and fame in capitalism countries can be seen clearly in two stories that illustrate the American Dream, Horatio Alger's "Ragged Dick" and the life of Colin Powell, the secretary of State. The importance of money can be seen in "Ragged Dick," Dick is said to be successful when he had his wage raised from two dollars to six dollars. In the last sentence of the story "A young gentleman on the way to fame and fortune." It is clear that "getting a good job" and "earning more money" is the goal of success. In the other hand, the life of Colin Powell not only illustrates the importance of money for success, but also fame. Colin Powell, who is an African American from a poor family in New York, struggled to become the secretary of State. He represents the American Dream because he started from the bottom of the society and then become successful, but what is the elements he has for people to define him as successful? Money and fame. I think without the fame he had for being one of the most important person in the American government, the general public would not define him as successful.

What is the problem of this fixed identity of success? I think it is because the identities lead to overemphasize on money and fame. In the sport industry in America, it has change from promoting sport to a moneymaking business. Many sport players initially start to play the sport purely for the enjoyment, they practiced hard and hope that one

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