Comparing Sunlight Barriers To In-Room Light Conmeters

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Optical fiber connecting sunlight collectors to in-room light distributors. Although the collected and focused sunlight is relatively strong, it does not reach the strength of dangerous level. Even so, any time, before optical fibers are touched, all solar collectors have to be lowered to its protection position, so no lights enter into the optical fibers during handling. (e) LED lighting turns on/off to supplements sunlight insufficiency on cloudier/raining days under the control of each in-room lighting adjuster, based on available sunlight strength and illumination level setting by occupants in each room. In our system, all above listed standard function modules/blocks are pre-manufactured and aligned in factory. After customer…show more content…
Illumination adjuster in each room continues to monitor the received sunlight level and compare against the in-room lighting level setting by the user. If there is any sunlight shortage in the room, the adjuster will turn on certain amount of LEDs accordingly to supplement the sunlight. After the system is up and running, the original electrical lamps in all rooms are turned off and our customers can start to save lighting electricity and enjoy benefits of nature sun lighting. 5.2 Technical Objectives The objective of this Phase I proposal is to develop a solar lighting system, prove its feasibility, and build a solid technical foundation to prepare this project to be advanced to phase II stage, where the design will be developed into a full function working prototype to demonstrate solar lighting capabilities and deliver to our customers for function evaluation and field trial use. This overall objective can be broken down into three tasks: 1) Complete system level design based on the proposed concept. Conduct detailed engineering design, simulations and components selections, including optical path design and performance simulation using CodeV, mechanical structure design of solar collector frame using ANSYS, servo control system design and parameters selection, control circuits and firmware design, etc. 2) In Phase I period, some preliminary

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