Comparing The And The Church Today

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While it seems very easy to compare the church in 1700-1750 to the church today, the cantata in Leipzig during that time is much more like a contemporary pop artists’ concert. A certain status comes from being seen at popular concerts, whether it is in person or via social media, much like the importance of being seen and socializing at the worship services in Leipzig. For many reasons the congregants of 18th century churches were much like the attendees of the 21st century concerts; these similarities are apparent when laid out next to one another.
Just as “people sang by heart the sixteenth-century hymns of Luther and other reformers”(183) individuals who attend concerts today know the words and sing along to every song. Much like how many occupations were present at each service then, many occupations are present at concerts today, with the wealthy being the most prominent. Similarly to the placement of seats with the most affluent seated towards the front in the Leipzig churches, the more wealthy individuals get to stand on the front row at the Justin Bieber concert. Individuals would show up late to the performance in time to hear the cantata and leave once it had concluded. Today concertgoers arrive after the opening act has performed, only to attend the performance of the main artist.
In both the 18th century Cantata and the 21st century pop concert people attend for social reasons, talking to their friends throughout the entire performance. The richly decorated
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