Comparing The Bear And Bumblebee

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The Bear and Bumblebee One day in the deepest part of the woods a Bear was searching for food. While searching for food he met a Bumblebee. Bumblebee asked the Bear to stay away from his hive. He even told the Bear where it was, and that started Bear off to his journey. Bear was about half way there until he was stopped by another Bumblebee. This one was a girl and urged the bear to go to the hive of the other Bee with different directions. Bear followed the directions given to him by the female Bumblebee into a long narrow cave. While bear was walking he saw the hive and ran towards without looking where he was. Bear fell into a tarpit unable to escape. The male Bumblebee flew towards the bear and said “ I told you to stay away now you have
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