Comparing The Birthday Party & The Moonstone, By Harold Pinter And Wilkie Collins

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Compare how the relationship between genders is presented in any two texts studied this term Harold Pinter and Wilkie Collins both appear to realistically demonstrate the relationship between genders through the works of literature. Within their pieces, The Birthday Party & The Moonstone, the novelist and playwright are successfully able to mirror the way in which the interaction between the sexes have developed over time, I feel especially from a woman 's point of view. This essay introduces the argument that these readings have been influenced in their production through the way society in Britain has shaped the female and male gender relations. The thesis will be presenting the shift of the interactions within creative writing, as a consequence of a changing hierarchy for the duration of history ; focusing predominantly on the two periods which the play and novel are set around. Upon gender being explored within The Birthday Party, a prime example to peruse are Meg the landlady, and Stanley the lodger, as to interpret the correlation between sexes and the roles they both are expected to enforce . Despite her being his senior ;as well as married, it is immediately evident that there is a latent flirtatious undertone in which the two communicate with one another. This is clear in Act 1 where Meg takes it upon herself to enter Stanley 's room in the claims of wanting to wake him up: “I 'm coming to get you!” (Pinter, 13). Due to being inappropriately intimate, it becomes

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